My gallery is made up of three main sub-galleries:

1) Tattoo Inspired – these are the projects that I have completed and are mainly inspired by the old school traditional tattoo designs. I’ve taken a lot of my inspiration for projects from tattooist like; Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins, Don Ed Hardy, and Mike Malone. I generally like the bold, simplistic lines of their flash which easily translates well into stained glass.

2) In Progress – the pictures in this gallery are just a glimpse into what I’m currently working on. I generally update it every so often with a new progress pic of the piece that I’m currently completing.

3) Misc. – now these pieces are not tattoo inspired but were done for close family members or for customers as gifts. They are not traditionally what I enjoy doing but done none the less out of the joy it brought that particular family member, or customer's request, as well as the opportunity to work with stained glass.