My name is Daniel Hoel Brewer and I have been working in the tattoo/body piercing industry since 1996. An increasing amount of work related stress motivated me to find a relaxing, equally artistic hobby that allows me more artistic freedom. I’ve always been fascinated by stained glass, especially the beautiful cathedrals adorned with enormous, skillfully assembled stain glass window panes. I sought out a local stained glass shop and inquired about taking some beginner classes. I became instantly obsessed and went out and bought my own equipment and began working at home.

The majority of the pieces in my “tattoo inspired” & “in progress” galleries are for sale. Some of them have already been sold or given as gifts but can be reproduced. Because of the variations in stained glass, not all reproduced pieces will look identical. All prices may be acquired by e-mailing me. I’m also very open to commission pieces. So if you have an idea of something you might want made into a stained glass panel or light box, please feel free to contact me as well.